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Sticky miso & ginger pork belly

Having ordered a catering size bag of pumpkin miso from Kultured London, I'm finding traditional and non-traditional ways to use it!

This ingredient combination is pretty classic, leading to sticky, sweet, salty, umami-full pork belly slices to serve with vegetables, rice or as part of a ramen.

Serves 6


1.5kg pork belly slices

1 heaped tablespoon root ginger, roughly chopped

A bulb of garlic, chopped in half horizontally

1 teaspoon of pink peppercorns

4 spring onions, roughly chopped

30g brown sugar

30g miso - I used Kultured London pumpkin miso

30ml soy sauce

25ml coconut vinegar (or rice wine vinegar)

400ml chicken stock


To pressure cook.

In the pot, heat a little neutral oil then add your pink peppercorns, spring onion, garlic and ginger and allow it to become fragrant.

Now add your miso, brown sugar, vinegar, soy sauce and chicken stock and bring to the boil before placing inside your pressure cooker.

In a frying pan, fry your pork belly slices in a very small amount of oil to create some caramelisation then place in the pressure cooking pot.

Set your pressure cooker to high for 50 minutes.

When finished, strain off the cooking liquor and cool then chill it to allow the fat to solidify so you can easily remove and discard.

Reduce the cooling liquor till it's thick and stickier then use it to rehydrate the pork belly slices in a sauté or frying pan, spooning over and reducing until sticky and glazed.

If not pressure cooking, place the ingredients and seared pork belly in a roasting tin. Cover tightly with foil and cook at 160c for 3 - 4 hours until soft.

Follow the rest of the process as above.

To view the method see the video below, leave a comment if you enjoyed it!

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