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N’duja spiced king prawns w/ sourdough toast, griddled cherry tomatoes & pickled fennel

Showing at this year's Great Yorkshire Show! This quick starter recipe is easy to put together using just one pan, and it packs a big punch of flavour.


300g king prawns

75g n’duja, broken into small chunks, we used Lishmans

4 slices sourdough bread, we use Baltzersens

A clove of garlic, cut in half

200g cherry tomatoes, halved We’re using Isle of Wight in season, but you can also use baby plum or San Marzano tomatoes.

1 small bunch basil, carefully sliced into ribbons

Olive oil or rapeseed oil

Sea salt

Black pepper


1 small fennel bulb, thinly sliced

100ml white wine vinegar

70g caster sugar

2 sprigs fresh tarragon (or you can use a teaspoon of dried tarragon)

A good pinch of salt


Let’s start by pickling the fennel. Heat the vinegar, caster sugar, tarragon and salt in a pan until the sugar has dissolved. Allow to cool a little then add the sliced fennel. This can be done up to a day in advance for a heavier pickling.

Now we’ll lightly cook the tomatoes. Heat a little oil over a high heat in a frying pan and place the cherry tomatoes in cut side down. You want to move these around as little as you can to allow the cut side to char lightly before removing from the pan and placing to one side.

If needed, give the pan a little wipe out before adding in a splash more oil. Allow the oil to heat then add your prawns. Season as you go, sear the prawns on one side before turning and cooking the other side. Once nearly cooked add your chunks of n’duja to the pan with a splash of the fennel pickle. Let the n’duja melt down around the prawns, turning into a sauce. Switch the heat off while you prepare the toast.

Toast the bread in a toaster or dry pan to char slightly. Rub the cut side of your garlic clove lightly across the surface of the toast.

Drain the fennel from the pickle.

To plate the dish, place a slice of toast on each plate then top with some of the prawns and n’duja sauce. Garnish with cherry tomatoes, pickled fennel and ribbons of basil.


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