Christmas Parties

Innovative Christmas parties from Ginger Jar Food

New menus for 2017! See our full Christmas brochures for more details.


This year we have three Christmas offerings: the first is a brand spanking new drop-off canapé service called Canapé Kitchen, which is an automated online service where our freshly built canapés are ordered with the click of a button and then delivered to your door ready to serve. Our second range is based on Nordic cuisine, and contains many dishes that have become somewhat of a staple in foodie circles in recent years. In addition, we are also offering our standard range of on-site canapés & bowls, where our chefs will finish cooking and heating the food at your home or venue, ready to serve to your guests.

NEW SERVICE: Canapé Kitchen

We have designed this service to take all of the pain away from organising your Christmas catering! There is a brand new website – –  which contains some of our classic canapés and bowls as well as some newly designed dishes, and we’ve tried to make the ordering process as quick and simple as possible.

Our drop-off menu offers a range of cold canapés and bowls, which are delivered fully built and ready to eat. This option is perfect for venues where there is no kitchen space available, or when you have to compromise on budget but not on quality.


Our build on site canapé & bowl food menu offers a selection of delicious hot & cold food, which is prepped off site then freshly cooked or heated, assembled and garnished on site. This allows for a high level of presentation and tailored service. We do require that our chefs have access to a fully equipped kitchen or a room or space in which we can construct a temporary kitchen.

How our menus work

Cooking on site. One (or more!) of our chefs will come to your venue and work out of your kitchen, or a make-shift kitchen that we have hired, to deliver the freshest cooked food to order. Feel free to ask for our advice with your menu selection if your venue has restrictions on frying or searing, for example, during the event. No chefs are required for drop off canapés, though we may send along a Ginger Jar ambassador with larger orders to ensure things are delivered correctly.

Chefs. £35 per hour for a head chef / £25 per hour for a sous chef. You should count on one chef per 20 to 30 guests, with the first chef always being a head chef.

Travel. Priced from £40 each way within central London. For events outside of the M25 we’ll give you a bespoke quote based on distance & travel time.

Hire equipment. If you require help with canapé service platters or other items such as glassware, bar ware, tables or linens, please ask us for a bespoke quotation. We can provide everything you need for your Christmas party, right down to an inflatable reindeer (if that’s what you’re into!)

Bowls – Disposable vs Ceramic. We offer biodegradable, disposable pots and wooden forks, which are included in the standard menu pricing. If you want something a little slicker, such as ceramic bowls & steel cutlery, you’ll need to allow approximately 50p per dish, plus an allowance for delivery, collection & washing. We can advise on the total cost, and this will be dependant on the size of the party, which dishes you choose and where we are delivering.

Drinks. We’re happy to help in supplying your drinks (from cocktails to bottled beers, wine and soft drinks), but are also happy to serve any drinks you wish to provide yourselves. NO CORKAGE charged (though we do charge for waste removal if the venue doesn’t look after this).

Waiting managers & staff. We have a bank of highly experienced front of house staff who can help set up and deliver any event, whether it’s a private party for friends and family or a corporate function for a couple of hundred. We also provide waiting staff via our extensive network and a dedicated staffing partner.


Should you choose to book with us, we ask for a deposit of 25% of the initial quote in order to secure the date, with the full balance being due one week prior to delivery. We accept payment either via BACS or credit/debit card (paid through PayPal and subject to a 3.5% fee).

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